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  1. atasha doblados

    I want Ton's dad to learn from Chon's mom like- why can't you be like her?!

  2. Piieize : chrb.i

    มองข้ามดราม่าไป ใดๆคือพี่เบนนนนนน งานดี งื้ออออออออ

  3. aghase reveluv


  4. บีมม เบอะ


  5. ประสงค์ สุขประเสริฐ


  6. Juan IBG

    GMMTV promocionando sus series en otras, nosi

  7. Teophrastus


  8. Luciana Penha

    Por que esse bl sempre ferra mais meu psicológico???

  9. ณัฐกฤตา เหมืองศรี



    a serie forçou pra caralho na parte q eles tem q comer o ngc, mas foi um gatilho

  11. Pawe Suda Aldhm


  12. Aliah Wafiqah

    Everyone are shook by the fact that 2gether is his first drama and he's already well known, but y'all don't know that he even take only one shot to shoot his crying scene!!! SO TALENTED INDEED💜💜💜

  13. Jermil B. Tumanda


  14. Asia Argentina

    Just one episode more but... the name of the series have NOTHING to do with the history spot. ¿¿??

  15. ชญานุช จัตุวงษ์


  16. Shreyasini Bera


  17. Lorena Yamile

    7:40 creo que... Mork se puso celoso???!! Yo:ahhhhhhhh siii Weno no se es lo que ví :D Celos!!! Celossss!! Jaja hay ya xd pararé

  18. life is not daijoubu

    Bruh the kid's chuckle scared the shit out of me.

  19. Griss ji

    Por fin subtitulos en español Por favor protejan el corazón de Na

  20. Minatozaki Sana

    R.i.p my replay button

  21. Asia Argentina

    A little hilarant the last part... have not any sense..

  22. Saranyachakri RR

    เจ๊คิ้มชั่งปลาเค็ม 🤣

  23. doobling


  24. exxysk wmtw

    rewatch sekian kalinya🤣🤣 I wish there was a S2🥺🥰

  25. akang daniel

    Bener2 lo ya. Pengen di nonton ulang..

  26. augustus merc

    12:24, pop, jealous so much? fix your face first, its overly done, shame on the doctor

  27. วีรภาพ กะการดี


  28. Asia Argentina

    poor Moji... random mothers and fathers all day long XD

  29. Shreyasini Bera

    AJ BABY 😭😭😭😭😭😭


    เหมือนเคยอ่านในนิยายเลย อ้ากกกกก ฟินนนมากกกกกกกก

  31. Lava Iris46


  32. คน สวย


  33. Reztha Audia

    Now I'm really curious to know what's in that bag

  34. Supa Nemine


  35. B U N ᴥ

    lmaooo is this subtitle real??? i cannot stop laughing the intro im dying 😂😂🤣

  36. Leening

    This is the only a breakup scene of BL series that will make me cry... 2021 Jan come back

  37. Cipriani Moya

    La entrada de Praifah fue triunfal escucho toda la historia de su tío muerto

  38. Asia Argentina

    dn't worry sooooo high, Moji just get sick.

  39. Flor Olmedo

    No manches 😳esto no me lo esperaba

  40. I am a multifangirl john banana

    RESPECT to GMM for using sotus lmao they're so smart

  41. Shreyasini Bera

    Music baby 😭😭😭😭

  42. Dayenn

    Tbh I prefer padplodd n Mork (I forget his real name) than padplodd n khaotung at tonhonchonlatee

  43. Afnan Tayseer

    why did I watch this now It's ruining my life I'm really angry

    1. Afnan Tayseer

      maybe cuz the bad guy I dated never regretted cheating lol he even got married in less than a year after we broke up to a completly diff girl ... he never loved me and I gave him 2 years of my life .. 4 years later and it still hurts ...

  44. Elaine Matos

    I have my tears when I hear Korn's snoring. 😭😭 Sweet dream baby!!

  45. Shreyasini Bera

    I LOVE AJ 😠😠😠

  46. Rocío Avalos

    Soy la única que piensa que Amp tiene problemas psicológicos reales?? Esto va más allá de estar despechada y/o ser homofóbica. Su vida solo gira en torno a una adicción destructiva.

  47. fateha riaz

    what the hell, who names their children as first-class or minute????

  48. หวัดดี เบล


  49. Shreyasini Bera

    AJ BABY YOUR VOICE 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  50. หวัดดี เบล


  51. Juwita Rebeccaa

    Subtitle indo ga jelas wkwkw

  52. Agatha Daria

    I downloaded it already but EVERYTIME I play the video/ series it's said sorry "it's not currently available in your area" actually the app is interesting but plss fix it

  53. creammy Channel


  54. Alexandra Dy

    bright is so handsome.....he is just so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  55. Neskape

    My MonKorn (puimek and fiat) ship is sinking

  56. 姫白髪


  57. Neskape

    If you want to win, why don't you use your potential, Tai? You can manipulate James. jk

  58. Angelica Moo Arcos

    Adoro a Arthit y a Kongpob hacen una pareja estupenda y una actuacion de💯 🥰🥰🥰🥰💗💗💗

  59. February เจี๊ยบ

    ถ้าเป็น​เรื่องจริงซีเรียส​นะ​ ไม่ตลก​ ทำกับหมาเราแบบนี้​ ดีนะที่เป็นแค่ซีรี่ส์​

  60. Bere Vazquez

    Waaa😢😢😢 pobre Kim 😭😭😭😭 Muy buena lloré, reí, me enojé, me emocioné, un poco de todo me encantó💘💘 😍 💕💕

  61. Mariel Fuertes

    7 times watching 2gether the series and still 2gether Grrrrrr. Can't help it. Still watching again and again❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. อิ ไต๋ ซังง

    10:30 พี่เบนซ์รึเปล่านะ🤔

  63. Neskape

    So this is Pang, Mon, Korn, Jack/Jo (Im still confused with that twins) after graduation from Ritdha High School

  64. Amana Webb

    It feels realistic I'm crying 😭😭😭

  65. Angelica Moo Arcos

    ooooooh tierna escena donde le pone el anillo y le dice "este sol es mío lo he reservado" esta serie me encanto soy una persona mayor sin ningun prejuicio fans de los dramas y series BL adoro a estos chicos que actuan en estas series independientemente si son o no geys y me duelen los ataques que sufren por realizar este trabajo ya que son temas muy dificiles de aceptar por la sociedad los felicito a todos ellos porque nos permiten ver dramas muy hermosos diferentes a lo convencional (hombre-mujer)

  66. Asia Argentina

    Kot loves Ki so she wanna to be with him, Ji can take care Moji and go América with her and that all folks, case closed.

  67. varlya Ruangchuay


  68. Minh Thư Nguyễn

    So... is the girl’s name Prae or Pear? I’m so confused >.<

  69. Reymark De Villa Bandola

    Still watching from Philippines

  70. ชิตินทรีย์ มูลรัตน์

    ตอนเวลา 5:55 นี่ EP ที่เท่าไรคะ พอดีหาไม่เจอ

  71. Apple Elliot

    Rubbish Chicken out Coward

  72. Boh M Iden

    sana may filipino dub naman

  73. Arthuro Sinno


  74. Renata Tapia

    Cai por Frank en el min 5:01 con su risa..

  75. Shreyasini Bera

    At this point I feel bad for everyone

  76. pud Kung


  77. Shreyasini Bera

    Now I feel bad for p'sam 😔

  78. Talaya Begaye

    Me getting excited because Nao send s sticker of chimmy 😂

  79. Shreyasini Bera

    Locker is cute