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  1. a_m Adriano

    No one: The best squad ever!!! Itt: tutor me again🤭🤭🤭. Pai: I know, either way .I'm smarter than you😎😎😎. Pure: owoah, pai got mouth on him, but it's the Thruth man🤣🤣🤣. Waan: He's good boy at the outside but bad boy inside🤪😜🤪. Me: Susuna P' itt. 💪💪💪💪💪 LoL

  2. Olubukola Akinyemi

    at 18:42 did anyone else peep the love by chance jersey? okay just me, alright bye

  3. Ring King

    Out of all the kisses they made in 2gether the series this is the first time Tine response. It’s always Sarawat who kiss him first.

  4. Sarah

    Petes gf is hilarious when mint was confessing her love or whatever her face was great and the side comments loll

  5. حميد علي


  6. Ana Mendoza

    Es muy injusto que esta serie no tenga subtítulos en español

  7. Escilda Pareja

    Por favor los episodio en español por favor gracias todos los episodio

  8. Soy fan

    Pobre Tine esta tan aterrorizado.

  9. jiminpewpew


  10. Soy fan

    Que buen amigo y estúpido es P'Dim que esta dispuesto a maldecir a Mil por Sarawat. No maldigan a nadie ni siquiera si es alguien irrespetuoso que trata de acabar relaciones como Mil.

  11. Meena Meena

    13.12 สารวัตรจะขอแบบนี้ไม่ได้นร๊าาาน้องไทน์ตกใจ😅..ส่วนเรา😍😍😍😍😍 ไม่ไหวแล้วววว😆😆

  12. Shittu Zainab Omolola

    Stud is d best actor in this series,he is d only one that gets me excited for d next episode

  13. Brown Asian

    Intro osts I don’t ever skip: 1. Dark Blue Kiss 2. My Gear Your Gown 3. My Oxygen

  14. arif wijanarko

    Every problem, there is always a way to solve it

  15. Cøokie Bouii

    What happens to u and kao

  16. Jai salinas

    Excelente capitulo.....

  17. Fer Silva

    Ya que no veo un comentario en español lo haré, una semana esperando subtítulos a español y 🤣🤡

  18. Juan Ramos Castro

    Mis encantos , son bellisimos

  19. Antonio Pérez

    No podía verla tan seguido por los trabajos de la escuela, hoy terminé de ver está serie y me ha encantado, Gracias por los subtítulos ♥️

  20. sunrise

    They played Getsunova!!!

  21. Fernanda Alcivar

    Sub español :(.

  22. Hanaa Ayyad

    kongbop what are you doing

  23. Tamanna Shergil

    This. Was. So. Beautiful. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Fer Silva

    Dos semanas esperando los subtítulos a español🤡🤣

  25. Crazy Girl

    Makes me feel so single , i love them

  26. a_m Adriano

    Let's the battle begin. I'm rooting for this two to be cute every episode and they didn't disappoint me😘😍🥰. The storyline is so genuine, originality here.

  27. Enola holmes

    Gente eu queria saber se os meninos ja fizeram outro si sim me digam


    Tango!! Viva Argentina!!

  29. LovelyDray

    Everyone‘s talking about pete‘s dad giving him condoms (rightfully so, the dad‘s awesome, cute and the best!!!) but can we talk about pete who was already walking around with condoms in his pockets? 😂 We love a man who‘s prepared to do it anytime anywhere 😂

  30. ploynice

    อนุโมทนาบุญกับแก๊งค์เทยด้วยนะคะ ใดๆคือรักเอนเนอร์จี้แม่ชิมาก สนุกไปกับลูก น่ารักมากเลยค่ะ😍

  31. Ghosting Bear

    Unpopular opinion but what if Pang dies in the end and these are their last words to him This is why 'I LOVE YOU' is so important always show the people you love you care as no one knows what will happen

  32. Yoongischildsupport

    When Gun started singing Happy Birthday 😭😭

  33. Stella Emmanuel

    Am so sorry for this stupid comment of mine P pong have been wearing that black trouser since ep1 He should change it already 🤣

  34. Elijah BlackeSwan

    Why do Phuwintang, AJ and JJ, and Pang have to be so hot👁️👄👁️🥵

  35. Briana Vinson


  36. Beatriz Ribeiro


  37. Marcela Lara

    26:06 I really like the melody, I hope it's a song🥺

  38. cherry

    he has a big space but its messy..lol

  39. Maira Alexandra Valderrama Pulido

    Nadie, absolutamente nadie Yo viendo el ep sin entender nada....esperando los subs en español 😪✌💕 Alguien mas como yo acá?

  40. Kim Kai Is a real Bear

    My baby gun never disappoints me.

  41. Ivana Espinoza

    Lpm necesito la traducción en español

  42. Jerome FitzRoy

    Every relationship have a drama queen

  43. Enola holmes

    Gente 3u qu3ria saber se vai ter segunda temporada ??

  44. arely 10

    Necesito esos amigos urgentemente, y pensar que los cuatro empezaron odiandose, y ahorason totalmente paz y amor

  45. Min Yoongi

    esse dorama foi tudoooo

  46. Denis Berkyova

    Titulky prosím váš

  47. L Shongdok

    Namtam have a potential of seeing the past and I think grace potential is sensing danger or seeing future. Can't wait for the interesting story of the past. Edit : Waiting for TAY to popped up.

  48. Omotolani Adeyemi

    These fights now getting annoying 😏

  49. Ghosting Bear

    That man from the flashback wasnt the director he was the head of the ministry 🤯🤯🤯

  50. arif wijanarko

    don't bother the ex, it's the right decision. move on

  51. Karen Lin

    No sé cómo sería una segunda temporada en si 🤔 como que ya sería raro(ya que sigue siendo fantasma xD)... pero igual quiero una segunda temporada xD!

  52. SAY BOM!

    ชอบเวลาเห็นพี่เอฟออกซีน เอาพี่เอฟออกซีนบ่อยๆนะคะ

  53. Lee Simon

    Itt:"I know she likes rich people and you are rich"😂😂😂😂 Am happy JJ and Fiat fixed them 😍

  54. ff, nuyii__

    Kaya filem koreaa ceritnya

  55. shania shanz

    Here l'm again my favorite sub episode 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍where p'krist fall deep and deeper fr p' singto but don't want to accept it ❤️❤️

  56. Toa Sua

    how much longer are we gonna be in the past? i’m ready for some college episodes

  57. Luckii_Angel

    You can wash clothing with a stain, but the stain never really goes away - Me It means, you can brainwash him, but his memories never really left him, just as they said, you just need to find it again.

  58. Vibhooti jin

    10:10 okay people are crazy about bikes but wtf even his ringtone is sound of a groaning bike I just realised that my ringtone is krist moaning singto's name OMG Not gonna change it

  59. Luckii_Angel

    This is why you write things down somewhere so you don't forget kids. Lesson learned: Write it down somewhere when you receive the info someplace only you will still remember where it is even after being brainwashed.

  60. Got7_iGot7 jarkk

    จอสใส่เสื้อพี่บีนี้หน่าาาาา ความติ่งนี้😍😍😍😍

  61. Jamaica Largo

    This is the only time that i see offgun so comfortable in this show..

  62. ورده الجزائريه ورود الجزائرية


  63. Ray Ron


  64. lilblake04

    amazing series. :D totally warm fuzzy feeling every time I watch it.

  65. Jerome FitzRoy

    What a big baby.

  66. Divya shankhla

    I don't understand from which angle she is ugly🐸 in fact she is very beautiful😍✨

  67. Lucas Matheus

    11:35 that’s Cantaloupe’s house

  68. Vencent Chua

    everything that Tine makes is just so cute like omfg

  69. Hart K

    Trailer : Manly and Bold Tine, more dominant than Sarawat Real dramas : Manly Tine, but softened after he met Sarawat. Tine looked better since he changed his hairstyle n got slimmer

  70. Shogun A

    อนุโมทนาบุญจะพยายามร่วมทุกปี ได้เห็นความตั้งใจและทุกคนมีความสุข ติเรื่องเดียวพอผ่านสีมาเข้ามาในเขตโบสถ์แล้วเวียน 3 รอบ ฟ้อนรำได้แต่ไม่ควรเกลือกลิ้ง ตีลังกา ควรสำรวมนะครับ

  71. Yenny Ruiz

    22:34 who yawned too? Because i did. >Quien bostezó también? Porque yo lo hice🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Tadar Aku

    🤗Daddy pok is Soo cute 💖 and hand some 😉I like pok and😘 I love pok.

  73. Lucas Matheus


  74. ฟ้าใส ทะเลสีคราม

    โฆษณา จิเยอะไปไหนคะ!!!

  75. Sia Kim

    Idk why all of yall be hating on them. This is the reality people are gonna hurt and cheat on you but at the end you gonna have to forgive but not forget.

  76. Tadar Aku

    😘I love Padlom and pok .🥰😍I wise that in the end 🤗pok and Padlom marry each other👰🤵

  77. Leslie Filart

    23:59 - "Here they go, in their own world again." -so no one's gonna talk about how P'Mike sulking for being a third wheel in BrightWin?😂

  78. Tamanna Shergil

    It's GreenDim bishes. Tekkit or leave it 😂😂😂😂😂

  79. โดนแกงอีกแล้วง่ะ

    ได้แต่บอกปุณว่า อย่าหาทำ!

  80. batrisha dania

    ฉันสามารถสร้างวิดีโอที่มีคำบรรยายภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับ😌ได้ไหมเพราะฉันไม่เข้าใจฉันเขียนสิ่งนี้จาก Google ด้วยซ้ำ .